This is a collection of material which was recorded during the last year after finishing the prototype of the «Resono X» in March 2020. The electroacoustic instrument exists of three main parts, which is the top panel, the toolbox and its effect-section. The sound is being picked up by internal microphones which can then be manipulated by three separate analog modules inside the instrument. Besides the use as sound design tool and as instrument, the «Resono X» can also be used as external FX Unit.

All sounds are recorded in single takes through the «Resono X» without overdubs & external FX processing. Some of the material has been captured through an outboard tape-echo machine as well. Apart from that only some reverb has been added to the final mixing process for stereo width. The idea was to maintain the raw momentum of these recordings, as well as an insight in the instrument itself. 

Soundsamples can be found here and on Bandcamp: