Julian Lautenbacher is a German artist based between Kyiv and Berlin.
Interested in the intersection of Sound & Picture, he is moving between the fields
of film,  photography, sound design and music in his work.

His current focus is the exploration and deconstruction of conventional social structures,
intimacy and the construct of human interaction in different cultures.
Topics such as the unspoken, queerness, peculiar social codes and anti-discrimination are central.

Julian is also one of the founding members of Frank Nubala, a Berlin-based collective of musicians,
artists, and thinkers formed upon an impetus to explore sound and perception within immersive settings.

For more information about clients, pricing or any enquiries about my work & collaboration,
contact me via email at mail@julian-lautenbacher.com or use the contact form here.
All photographs are available for purchase as print and other formats.

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